Installing the latest OpenPlotter on Raspberry RPi4(RPi3)

Being an Openplotter fanatic and using it on my boat as my primary source of navigation I decided to create a new sd card image build based on the latest Raspbian Buster so that I could have full control of what’s installed and create an optimized and up to date version of Openplotter for my navigation system.

I also recently aquired a RPi4 so I will be testing on both RPi4 and RPi3. Currently I can’t run the RPi4 off of my DC system as the connection only allows for 2.1 Amps which has worked find for Rpi3 but the Rpi4 requires a minimum of 4 Amps to function.

Here is a list of steps I did to build my own image. Many thanks to Pyssel for his awesome guides. This made everything possible in a short amount of time. There are links to his blog in the following steps.

  • Download the latest Raspbian Buster (Lite) version from here.

  • Unzip the Image and prepare the SDcard with it using this guide.

  • Setup the Image so that it will connect to your local WiFi network using this guide.

Install the Pixel Desktop UI & Vnc Server

  • Follow the steps in this guide to get connected.

Connect to the RPi console

Now open up a VNC session to the RPi (or use a screen/keyboard) and continue.

Download Openplotter


sudo apt install python-configparser python3-wxgtk4.0 python3-ujson whois

sudo dpkg -i v2.0.11-beta/openplotter-settings_2.0.11-beta.deb

Run the OpenPlotter settings app to download OpenPlotter and OpenCPN.

Run openplotter-settings from the main menu.

  • click “Add Sources”

  • click “Update Candidates”

  • click “Install” on all the available OpenPlotter Apps that you want to install.

OpenPlotter Settings

OpenCPN Installer

Run the OpenCPN Installer from the menu.

  • click “Update Data”

  • click “Refresh”

  • click “Install” on all the OpenCPN packages that you want to install.

OpenCPN Installer

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