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Pre-packaged images with Openplotter and OpenCPN for Raspberry Pi 4

Download July Release - openplotter-clean-07.zip - (1.6G) Install onto SDCard Linux Instructions Insert your SD Card and run: unzip openplotter-clean-07.zip sudo dd if=openplotter-clean-07.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 Windows Instructions Follow this guide Macintosh Instructions Follow this guide Release Notes - July 2020 This is the first release of a pre-installed Openplotter and OpenCPN on Raspbian Buster built to run on Raspberry Pi 4 (and Pi 3) This is a rolling release with all up to date software as of July 2020.

Installing the latest OpenPlotter on Raspberry RPi4(RPi3)

Being an Openplotter fanatic and using it on my boat as my primary source of navigation I decided to create a new sd card image build based on the latest Raspbian Buster so that I could have full control of what’s installed and create an optimized and up to date version of Openplotter for my navigation system. I also recently aquired a RPi4 so I will be testing on both RPi4 and RPi3.